20 January 2010

Back from DC!

I spent an excellent five days in Washington, DC. While there I got a chance to explore Hyattsville, see the new Newseum, and watch the Wizards beat Portland.  The Wizards game was especially fun because we got to hang out in the family lounge (very upscale with free food and soft drinks) and check out some of the things going on behind the scenes. We even got to play some basketball in the Wizards practice court (that's me dribbling in the light blue shirt). Chris knew the guy throwing out the little gold basketballs (the other picture) but we ended up giving it away to the much more deserving baby in the row in front of us.

The Newseum was very cool. The exhibit technology is cutting edge, from Minority Report style drag-and-drop no-touch screens to interactive Pulitzer photo displays. There was even a "4-d" movie, although that was somewhat of a let down after Avatar. Chris couldn't see the 3-d anyway, so he didn't care.

The weather was perfect the whole time (mid fifties in the day, only a few hours of drizzle one day), and I was sad to leave the sunshine and return to cold, rainy California (sigh). But I'm back in Santa Cruz, and now it's back to work.

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Do you have more photos?