25 July 2011

Blogging from the iPad is harder than it should be

I'm testing a free iPad blogging app called Monarch, and adding these photos of the garden. Wordpress has a free blogging app, but I can't seem to find a good one for blogger, paid or free. If this works, I will be pleased, because the Blogger site is not fully editable from iOS.

24 July 2011

Garden Part III: The Picking, and the Eating

Starting to look like a real garden!

The chard and kale keep coming, no matter how much we harvest them!

This basil from our garden made an amazing cashew pesto (I had a really bad experience with pine nuts, don't ask)

Our cucumber and our basil, but we had to buy the tomatoes because ours aren't ready yet.  I made cheese again for the first time in over a year, but it's still a little rubberier than I want it to be (it's the white stuff in the top of the picture).  This was the first time I used vegetable rennet and it worked out just fine, so I should get more and start using that.  I also need to order more cultures on the internet.  This caption is turning into a bit of a to-do list for myself, isn't it...

These green beans are so delicious, we haven't had a chance to cook them yet because we eat them all raw before we can get them into the pan.
Oh and while I was in Chicago (I just got back) Chris and Starchild put in a corn-hole court!
We have a little piece of Maryland in our stoop garden now, the state flower: Black Eyed Susan.  I've been experimenting with Instagram, hence the filter.

Sorry I haven't posted in more than a month. Things were crazy there for a while, in one month I was in:

  1. Sacramento (work)
  2. Chicago (data)
  3. Yosemite (for Shirley's wedding!)
  4. Los Angeles (for my mother's birthday)
  5. Chicago (for almost three weeks this time) 
  6. and back to Los Angeles (for a few hours before finally landing back in...)
  7. Northern California

Things are finally slowing down a little bit, as I have two whole weeks of working from home before we go up north for my family reunion in August. Phew!  Here are some more photos of the garden and its bounty.

Happy tomato plant.

Rows of goodness, including some very happy cantaloupes in the back, which I am super pumped about.  Note that this picture was taken AFTER Chris cut back all the chard and kale he is holding in the picture above.

Pretty.  Waiting for me when I got back from Chicago.