18 September 2010

A closet workspace for the doctoral student?

I have been thinking a lot about workspaces recently, with the imminent arrival of my boyfriend and his computer in my studio.  For while, I was considering investing in a cloffice.  In other words, I was thinking about putting my desk inside my closet.  Just in case you were wondering, cloffice is not a word I made up.  There are entire sections of design blogs dedicated to the cloffice.  The New Yorker even wrote about one.  Here is a great one, from Apartment Therapy.

Check out this cloffice, from two fellow graduate students with a blog about making their lives a little more glam while pursuing a PhD.  The girls at PhDAZZLE make cloffices sound hip, but I think I'll stick with what I've got for now.

Click here to check out PhDAZZLE.

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