25 May 2011

Garden Part II: The Planting, the Watering, and the Sprouting

Our nursery haul.  It seemed like a lot, but only takes up two and a half rows of the bed.

View from the back on planting day.  The poles are for our green beans, which  we planted from seed.

Sweeping off the dirt after planting.  That's basil, and red bell peppers, and chile.

Organized by height, like a school picture!  Beans in the back, then tomatoes and cucumbers, and then all the short little guys in the front.

Strawberries, chard, cantaloupe.

All of these guys sprouted within two weeks!  They are twice as big already, only a few days after this picture was taken.


zbuck said...

P.S. I dropped the community because so far, we are the only people buying plants, planting, or watering. So....Zoe and Chris's garden is probably a better moniker...

Craig Faustus Buck said...