06 December 2010

Beautiful photographs of observatories

Astronomers build their observatories in the most remote places in the world, often high above the heat and lights of civilization, where the air is still and clear. Consequently, a tour of world observatories would bring you to some of the most beautiful vistas on Earth, from glittering European mountain peaks, to tropical paradises. Here are some of my favorite scavenged photos of observatory domes from around the world.

My hometown observatory, Griffith, looking down over the sprawl of Los Angeles.

Sphinx Observatory perched high in the Alps.

The dome of the 36-inch at Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton in California, framed by what look like Mariposa lilies.  Taken by Laurie Hatch.

Another photograph of Lick, the 120 inch dome, by the talented Laurie Hatch.

Mauna Kea (White Mountain) Observatory, Hawaii, HI.  Those are the two Kecks in the center, and I think the one on the left is Gemini.

Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork, Ireland.  See the dome peeking up out of that castle tower?

El Caracol, also known as "The Observatory," at Chichen Itza, Mexico.  Thought to have been used by the Mayans to observe the cosmos.


Anonymous said...

This are some really swell pics! glad that you compiled 'em!

Alex said...

Nice collection!

In the shot of four on the summit of Mauna Kea, the one on the far left is Subaru, and the one on the right is the IRTF. I think the shot was probably taken from near Gemini.

I've put together a small collection of images from my own observatory visits here - you're right about the sites being spectacular.


Karina said...

Wonderful selection. I want to go visit each one!

(And I love the name and look of your remodeled Blogue)

zbuck said...

Thanks Alex, it's nice to hear from you!