04 September 2011

Garden Part IV: The Weeding and the Growing and the Waiting

Green peppers.  Waiting for them to turn red because I like 'em that way.
So far, four honeydew melons. Waiting for them to become fragrant so we can pick them.

Eggplants!  They are delicious.  But APPARENTLY they have super intense spikes that hurt really badly when they impale your finger.  You learn something every day...

The garden about two weeks ago (I'm very behind when it comes to posting pictures I take).

Corn.  Waiting for one that's big enough to pick.

We waited a little too long to weed.  This is one day's weed harvest.

Our new outdoor furniture setup (thank you Craigslist).


Karina said...

Gorgeous garden! It should be on the garden tours of Santa Cruz.

zbuck said...

"And on this part of the tour, you can see into the Valero bathroom..."