24 January 2012

The OTHER Zoe Buck (I got a new domain)

My personal website (not my blog, more of a digital resume for people interested in my work) has moved to zoe-buck.com!  When I was in college, I bought zoebuck.com for about a year (we're talking like 5 bucks), and then I never used it, so I let it go.   And then I wished I had it, and at that point, some OTHER Zoë Buck (from her website she seems super cool actually) had snatched it up!  So there's a dash.  www.zoe-buck.com.

By the way, I have been so unbelievably busy recently that I haven't blogged at all, and (to my three readers), I apologize.  I had an amazing trip to Italy (if you are my Facebook friend, check out my album, or email me for a link to the more extensive Picasa album), and then I got back, and now I am trying to design my dissertation in two months, I am teaching a community college class really far away, and also I am doing a couple of other part time jobs.  Into all that I am trying very hard to run a couple of times a week, and maybe eat and sleep sometimes.  Oh, and I'm also in school.  So, no blogging for a while, except for maybe stuff like this, which is pretty easy, because I'm just rambling, it takes me like three minutes to type up, no pictures, blah, blah, blah. If you read this whole thing I LOVE YOU. PS I tried to put an umlaut in the title but I don't think Google will let me edit the html directly. Damn you Google!


Karina said...

You are amazing! Of course I read the whole thing, because I love you more!

Chris said...

Not to be too picky, but your name has a diaeresis, not an umlaut. BTW, shouldn't the word umlaut have an umlaut? Just looks like it needs one to me.

Kelly Visel said...

I will read every rambling bit; your busy life sounds amazing.