23 January 2010

Couple of things: Ant update, My father the novelist...

The ants came back full force last night. Many of them tried to avoid the cinnamon, but other quickly got over their timidity and marched right over it. Some of these brave souls ended up suffocating in the cinnamon coating their antennae and legs, but other made it through, and the highway was unstopped. I try to avoid poison, but I cannot anymore. CVS, give me the most poisonous thing you've got. I learned a new word: Myrmecophobia. It's the fear of ants. I don't have it, I just don't like ants in my kitchen. Myrmecocinaphobia maybe?

My father was quoted in the LA Times today. They claim he's making a living from writing novels. Maybe they can see the future? (Fingers crossed).

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