22 January 2010

How to Freak Out Ants with Cinnamon

It's raining here in Santa Cruz, has been for a couple of days. When I woke up yesterday morning a colony of ants had decided to seek shelter from the storm in my kitchen, and I was not cool with that. I killed them, and stuffed up the hole with bleach soaked paper towels. I also contacted my landlord and asked him to fill the hole they were coming in through. He hasn't responded yet (grrr grr).

Well this morning they were back, so I decided to try using cinnamon, an organic remedy that a woman from my PhD cohort recommended to me on the bus yesterday. And they freaked out! A sprinkling of cinnamon could completely trap an ant who was undeterred by bleach and vinegar. I ended up going a little overboard and covering my entire kitchen in cinnamon (see the picture). We'll see if they come back now BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

1 comment:

zbuck said...

Never mind, cinnamon is a load of crap. They're everywhere, someone help me!!!!!!