12 January 2010


I was given the task of providing snacks for class this week, and was told by my prof that he would prefer them to be "healthy" snacks. I decided to make some hummus and bring carrot sticks to dip in it (healthy as it gets) but today I decided I would take a step further by making some yummy crackers to go with the hummus. I've always wanted to make crackers but never really found the occasion. Kind of takes away from "healthiness" requested by Jerome but everything is homemade so doesn't that make up for the fat and carbs?

I followed a super simple recipe but made everything smaller because my class is comprised of four students. The crackers have about 3/4 cups of flour, 3/4 cups of semolina flour, 1/2 cup of water, 1/6 cup olive oil, and are sprinkles liberally with salt and pepper. I rolled them out and baked them on a floured baking pan until they were golden. The result reminds me a little of Spanish tortas de aceite, but thinner. Look how good they look! And they taste good too. My new-to-me rolling pin (thanks to my parents!) worked out very well, and the dough rolled out easily super-thin. Next time I might put some shredded cheese in the dough for some extra decadence.

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Karina said...

I want some! (Glad to see you put that rolling pin to good use!)