11 January 2010

Welcome to ZBlog 2.0!

This is the new home of my blog because its old home (sites.google.com/site/zbuckster/zblog) is a Google site, and Google sites do not have an intuitive way for people to leave comments. I know my following is like four people at the most, but still, I want those people to be able to tell me stuff when they get excited about something on my blog without having to remember to email me about it later. Because obviously everyone who reads this knows my email because they are all either members of my nuclear family or have known me so long they might as well be. But anyhow, I really want comments to be a part of the blog, because that's kind of like what makes a blog a blog. SO I am proud to unveil....the new, improved ZBLOG 2.0 WOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

A few of the older posts from the other blog have already been moved over (I've tried to keep the dates they were posted somewhat accurate). The old blog is still here. And of course my website, with clippings, writing samples, research updates etc will still be at sites.google.com/site/zbuckster. Google still refuses to index it (Google I have been so good to you. I have sung your praises. Why do you hurt me so?), so if you have a place to post things do me a favor and post a link so that some day I will be searchable.


aanz said...

so i set up a google sites too and it's way way too hard to deal with. i don't understand why it's so hard?

anyway this other class i'm taking is all about interactive technology like blogs in developing countries and multiple ontologies etc so uh you should come down to la for a quarter and take all the classes i'm taking.

i'm going to respond to the emails right after i eat this bag of chips.

Craig Faustus Buck said...

Excellent decision to move. Comments at last (ahhh). As for your relationship with Google, love stinks!