13 November 2010

Support the Miracles of Modern Science (MOMS)!!!!!!

Click here to support an amazing band that I just randomly discovered on the internet. They're called the Miracles of Modern Science.  Okay fine, I'll admit it, the members started out playing at my eating club at college, and I know them, and I am particularly fond of the violinist.  But they make seriously awesome music (rock with no guitars!) and they need support to produce their first real album.  The website this is through, Kickstarter, is a brilliant idea.  You can pledge money through Amazon (any dollar amount), but your credit card doesn't get charged unless the project gets fully funded.  And you get rewarded for pledging different amounts.  I would be happy to pay 25 bucks for a kick-ass CD (which is the reward for a $25 pledge).  So anyhow, go to Kickstarter now and pledge a few bucks for the MOMS. WNYC called their music "Exuberant chamber pop that waxes and wanes with elaborate, rocky energy.” How can you say no to that???

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