11 January 2011

Things to do with your books now that you have a Kindle

I don't have an e-reader, but I assume you, my sophisticated, cloud-ready reader, probably do.  So what do you do with all those piles of books sitting around?  You can hoard them, as I do, ignoring your boyfriend's pleas to downsize.  Or you can get creative, like these folks:

Juniper Books Christmas tree from Museum Muse.

Headboard from Instructables, featured on Ohdeedoh.

Desk from Delft University of Technology, featured on PhDAZZLE.

Reader's table from This Into That.

Book page vases from Country Living



Karina said...

I saw This Into That's Jim Rosenau's Bookshelves of Books etc at the Kings Mtn Art Fair a couple of years ago. Were you with me?

zbuck said...

Hmmm...I knew they looked familiar!